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Episode 1044

My Sin Feels Good in the Moment — Why Stop?

Topic: The Power & Effects of Sin
God commands us not merely to flee evil, but to hate evil — not merely to do mercy, but to love mercy.
Episode 1043

Can We Be Legalistic About Not Being Legalists?

Topic: The Law, Justification, Pursuit of Holiness
Christ’s righteousness is the sole ground of our acceptance into God’s favor, but our new life of holiness is necessary to demonstrate that we are truly in him.
Episode 1042

Is Body Image My Idol?

Topic: Diet & Exercise
Pursuing physical fitness becomes sinful self-glorification when we no longer do so to overcome our own sin, serve others, and glorify Christ.
Episode 1041

Will You Write More Biographies?

Topic: Biography
Tell stories of Christians to inspire others to love Jesus, give them insight into perplexing difficulties, and motivate them to follow him no matter what.
Episode 1040

What’s the Difference Between ‘Foolish’ and ’Sinful’?

Topic: Wisdom, Sin
Foolishness in the Bible is always sinful. To act foolishly is sin, and to sin is to act foolishly.
Episode 1039

Can I Forgive Someone Who Doesn’t Confess Wronging Me?

Topic: Forgiveness
Renounce revenge, trust your cause to God, and return good for evil. You can do that whether your adversary admits wrong or not.
Episode 1038

Is Homosexuality Really the Worst Sin?

Topic: Homosexuality
The blood of Christ is sufficient to wash away every sin and remove all judgment and bring us to everlasting healing and joy.
Episode 1037

Why Does John Piper Complicate Saving Faith?

Topic: Faith
To come to true saving faith, you have to experience the miracle of spiritual sight of the supremely valuable glory of Christ, the image of God.
Episode 1036

Explaining Hell to Our Children

Topic: Heaven & Hell, Parenting
God intends for our real and wise fear of hell to be a means of clarifying and establishing his glory and truth in our hearts.
Episode 1035

How Will God Judge What I Do Today?

Topic: Preaching & Teaching, Truth
Teachers need to be vigilant over what they teach, and all Christians need to be vigilant over what they do with what they are taught.