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Episode 1071

Why the Coming Kingdom of Christ Is Really Bad News

Topic: Heaven & Hell
For millions of people, the future reign of God is terrible news. His rule will not be an invitation to eternal joy, but a final verdict: eternal damnation.
Episode 1070

Glorifying God in Unshakable Grief

Topic: Suffering
Joy will come, even when it feels like the pain will never end. In the meantime, God promises to be near you in ways you can’t feel outside of suffering.
Episode 1069

“My Life Feels Pointless”

Topic: The Unwasted Life
Our aging bodies and nearness to death need not sap the joy that God gives us while we remain on earth. He still has a purpose for us.
Episode 1068

Does My Sex Life Affect My Prayer Life?

Topic: Marriage
When couples temporarily suspend sexual intimacy for the purpose of prayer, they say with their bodies how desperate they are for God to answer.
Episode 1067

“I Had an Abortion”

Topic: Children, Family
Those who have had an abortion should own the guilt, but they should not stop there. God has more than enough grace reserved at the cross.
Episode 1066

Soul Care for Exhausted Young Mothers

Topic: Wives & Mothers
Moms, your walk with God is as essential for the good of your children as the milk you feed them and the diapers you change.
Episode 1065

Does God’s Pursuit of His Glory Ever Detract from His Love?

Topic: The Glory of God, Christian Hedonism
Our deepest, sweetest joy will not come from God making much of us, but from God freeing us to make much of him forever.
Episode 1064

Should I “Dream Big” for God When I Have a Huge Ego?

Topic: Pride & Humility, The Unwasted Life
Egos do not shrink when we stop dreaming big. With big, small, and even stagnant dreams, we will need to kill our self-promoting instinct.
Episode 1063

How Much Sleep Is Too Much Sleep?

Topic: The Unwasted Life
Sleep shatters our God complex because we have to put down our tools, take off our boots, and remember that God is the decisive worker, always.
Episode 1062

Can I Remarry If My Spouse Dies? Should I?

Topic: Marriage & Family
Widows and widowers should feel no pressure to rush into a remarriage, but they shouldn’t exclude the possibility either.